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Who is Eva

EVA NAVARRO, Zújar, Spain, 1973) is a writer and a visual artist. She is living in Spain, where she combines her job as a lecturer and researcher on Spanish Culture and Literature at the University of Amsterdam with her literary and artistic activities. She has wrote the essays La novela de la Generación Xand Television and Literature; and has published the book of poems El viaje a tierra de fuego (The journey to the land of fire, Madrid, 2006). Some of her poems have been translated into Dutch and Arabic. She has participated in several Poetry Festivals in Holland (like the Literary Concerts “De Reis” (2000-2001); Dunia Poetry Festival of Rotterdam (May 2005); and Mediterranean Poetry Festival (December, 2006). She is also correspondent of the Literary Magazine Alhucema (edited in Granada).

As an artist, she has studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (the specialization of Interactive Design and Unstable Media) and currently she is member of the Artist Collective De Kattenbak. Her work concentrates mainly in painting and video-art. Some of her projects and exhibitions have been: Let’s them paint (performance in De Kattenbak, March 2006); Enterface (part of the collective project OBG (research on movement and behavior, in Mediamathic, Amsterdam, June 2007) and Poética básica (solo paintings exhibition in De Kattenbak Oost, November 2007).

The videos made by Eva Navarro are conceived as short (and experimental) audiovisual poems in which she often uses her body as a poetic or narrative instrument, sometimes playing lightly with the limits of physical capacities in very concrete and minimalist facts. Some of her videos are Head down up (2005), The Nowhere Trilogy (2006), Miel(2006), the series Global Orchestras (2007) and Into the water (2007).

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